Anyone remember that I issued my first Mid-Month Challenge around the 17th? No? Yeah, apparently me either. Someone lurking in the back of my brain reminded me just now as I was trying to organizing some photos. So, without much further ado, here is Mama’s entry in her own silly little Mid-Month Challenge.

2014-05-28 17.05.22This was that same back flower bed that I mentioned yesterday, but the pic is from last year. And probably summer, not spring. But whatever. I think the light was especially lovely and the Columbine is always just so pretty. Today it’s actually quite cold, very windy, and an unpleasant shade of gray outside. Much better to pretend that it’s nice and sunny like the pic.

There are still TWO DAYS left if you’re interested in participating! Also, if you have an idea for the next Mama’s Mid-Month Challenge just let me know.

where the hell did I leave off?

Oy, what a week it was. I still don’t feel completely well, and I haven’t been sleeping great, but I’m sort of on the mend finally. The lack of sleeping is making for a wicked lack of energy though, and I’m about ready to just take a bit of a dirt nap and hope I sprout again.

I have the homework that must be ready for Tuesday done, so that’s good. I do need to finish the last of the bits yet, but the no energy thing has made that hard. I have been knitting and I finished the small book I was ready. That’s been about it as far as relaxing activities in the evenings.

Speaking of which, I didn’t realize until yesterday that I completely blew off doing the weekly goals post this week. I kind of suck. Anyway, I will try to get back on that horse for next week.

I have decided that once I get this semester behind me I’m going to be done with school, at least for awhile. There are so many other things I’d like to be able to devote time to and I’m getting kind of burned out again. Plus, it’s not as though I need more education to do my job. I’m not ruling out the possibility of ever going back, but I do plan to take at least a year off. And what I may do is see what kind of fun I could have over at the community college with their classes.

This summer I plan to work with Mom as much as possible getting the yard the way we’d like it.

2014-06-30 17.29.48That was the way the big flower bed out in the backyard looked last year. This year Mom has decided to have the deck (not seen in this pic) expanded so we had the landscaper who lives down the street shrink this by about half. This isn’t a great time of year to be fucking about with moving bulbs, but we didn’t have much choice. Smack in the middle of the bed was a fountain. My dad had run electricity out to it below ground when they had it installed. Unfortunately it hasn’t happily held water for a few years now. No matter what Mom has tried to seal the basin with it just wouldn’t stay filled. So, I had the brilliant idea to use the base, which was entirely too fucking heavy to have moved, into this…

2015-03-28 13.51.32It needs some moss and probably a few small plants yet, but not bad for a start. We’ve been trying to decide what all we need/want for the new deck and what we’ll be able to grow this year. Next year she’s talking about having raised beds built along the fence. But one bit at a time.

We did get one strawberry pot from the garden center today and a bag of 14 Lily of the Valley bulbs. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks to plant the bulbs but we wanted to make sure we got some. Those will be going into a very small bed by the front door.

I’m hoping that my little corner of the world returns to what passes as normal really fucking quick. This whole being out of sorts bullshit is not cool.

cover me up #3

There are no original ideas left in the world, or so they say. All I know is that right now I am way too fucking tired to do a whole lot of original thinking so I’m swiping an idea from Evil Squirrel. I’m going to share with y’all some of my favorite songs that have had covers done. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the order of these.

Girl Power!!! This is the Dollyrots and they rock. Does anyone even remember the original of this? No? Yeah, no one does. It’s soooo much better all rocked out like this. Kelly, the bass playing badass blonde is married to that cutie patootie guitar player and they have an adorable baby. It’s a punk rock fairy tale.

I feel cruddy, oh so cruddy, I feel cruddy and snot-filled and sleepy…

I had every intention of starting back to regular blogging on Tuesday, honestly I did. But sometime over the weekend I caught the Dreaded Spring Cold and all of my plans went right into the garbage, along with several boxes worth of used tissues. Most of what I’ve done lately is sneeze, pee a little, cough, try to catch my breath, sneeze again, pee a little more… You get the idea. So here, have some pictures until I feel better.

2015-03-25 09.58.40

temporarily purple hair

crocuses in the back flower bed

crocuses in the back flower bed

Guinevere, the African violet

Guinevere, the African violet


I’m back, sort of

Holy flying squirrels wearing trench coats…

I managed to get the chunk of homework that absolutely had to be emailed by Friday afternoon done. I also got most of the laundry done, ran to the pet store, the grocery store/pharmacy, and the warehouse store to get crap for Josh. When Mom got home she and I ran to the nursery and picked out a beautiful African violet for me. I want to show you a picture but I didn’t think to do it while there was natural light and it still too dark here. Her name is Guinevere. Then we all went out to my fav Mexican place for dinner and margaritas. And then to Target to finish getting gifts for the kid. (her birthday was last weekend)

Saturday morning, my actual birthday, I got up and went with Mom to drop off her car for some maintenance at the dealership and then she and I went for breakfast. From there it was off to get pedicures, back to the nursery to look for some other plants we want for around the yard. It’s looking like we’ll be doing most things in containers this year so I wanted to get Lily of the Valley bulbs for a small bed we have in front of the house (had to put our name on the list as they haven’t come in yet), we got some Hen & Chicks for in the planter around the mailbox, and we found out that the terra cotta strawberry pots won’t be arriving for another 2 weeks. At least now we know. The Hen & Chicks are hanging out in their little plastic pots in the sunroom until it’s warm enough to plant them outside.

We had lunch at Red Robin, which for those of you who don’t have those they are a slightly upscale burger place that has amazing onion rings.

2015-03-21 12.11.14That ridiculously purple drink is a prickly pear lemonade and it was to die for. Plus, free refills. AWW YEAH.

When we got home we spent some time trying to play in the back flower bed. Mom is wanting to have it redone so that we can get the deck redone and have more room to sit and maybe eat out there. But that end of the bed is full of bulbs. The iris were easy to move as they sit close to the surface but when we tried to move some of the tulips we couldn’t get down far enough to actually get the bulbs. So we’re holding off on that for right now. The guy who is supposed to be reworking the bed hasn’t come yet anyway.

Our next project was to put the garage back together. Josh had done some projects out there, Mom had had trouble finding some things, and we decided that we needed to make a few changes. So we sorted through and discarded the crap, moved a few bits to new homes, and put the snowblower under the deck. Hopefully we don’t regret that, but I did have Josh leave the big shovel out. I also used my snazzy little label maker to put labels on all the drawers of the tool chests and the top of the workbench and the potting bench are almost entirely cleared off. The workbench now has two nice sized baskets for holding potatoes and onions (the garage is insulated so it stays pretty cool out there year-round) and all that’s sitting out on the potting bench are two small extra pots and some yard waste bags.

yes, we’re still talking about Saturday…

We finally all got cleaned up and went out to dinner to celebrate the birthdays.

2015-03-21 17.58.12I like this pic of Josh and I but I need to remove the woman sitting at the booth behind us. When you look at this full size, if you do, you’ll see what I mean. But dinner was lovely. Josh cleans up nicely.

Yesterday Mom and I got the housework done and I came down with a cold (I think). And I had a little time to sit on my ass and knit. I’m still working on the shrug and yesterday I got this sneaking suspicion that I’d gotten to the half-way point. I had Mom measure my back and then help me measure what I’d knit so far and it was spot on. So I joined for the sleeve. It shouldn’t be too much longer before the first half is done. Yay!

My sister called yesterday morning and invited us over for dinner. She was cooking lasagna and A had insisted that they get a birthday cake for me. According to her you just cannot have a birthday without a cake and candles.

2015-03-22 18.20.38One of them is 7 and the other is 5 so now Aunt Erin is 75. Nice, right? We had a good time and got to meet their new puppy. It was a very pleasant evening.

2015-03-22 19.25.35Josh left before we did and when I got home I found these waiting for me. I haven’t gotten flowers in ages. I really do feel pretty damn spoiled.

Today I have an appointment with shrinky-poo, then I’ll come home and work frantically on homework and then at 3pm Josh has an appointment with his psych doc that he’s asked me to go with for. And then of course tomorrow I have to go back to work, which is kind of the suck.

I’m still not caught up on reading everyone elses posts yet, but I’m working on it. I think I’m caught up on comments, at least I hope I am.

life worth living BIG update

By now I’m sure most of you are familiar with my Building a Life Worth Living Goals. I’ve been at this for awhile now and have just one year left to go, so I thought I’d give y’all an update on how the big picture is coming along.

  1. Be able to put $150 into savings every month and leave it there. I almost did this last month, almost. I had the money there, but then I didn’t pay close enough attention to my discretionary spending and I needed to move it back to my checking account to cover everything. BUT, the Honda will be paid off very shortly and then the plan to start paying shit off really goes into action.
  2. Get A’s in all of the courses for my degree. So far so good!
  3. Knit OR crochet something that gets completed every month. I am knitting more often, which is good, and I made myself a list of possible projects that I have both the yarn and pattern for. Counts for something I guess.
  4. Work to improve my drawing skills. I feel like I’m drawing remarkably well considering it wasn’t all that long ago that I mastered the art of the stick-figure cat.
  5. Make exercise a regular part of my routine. I’ve been on the treadmill a bit more often, but I still don’t seem to consider it a priority. This really does need to change and soon.
  6. Work to improve my marketable skills. Sort of, but only really because of the things I’ve done for school.
  7. Make a daily full oral hygiene routine and stick to it. This is better than it used to be, but I’m still not quite where I want to be yet.
  8. Read for pleasure on a regular basis. Not a regular thing yet, but it definitely happens more often than it used to.
  9. Work on a good way to address my skin conditions. I’ve found a good dermatologist finally and I’ve seen her several times. Her suggestions have been paying off. Yay!
  10. Plan a long term creative project that incorporates a new skill or a skill I haven’t perfected yet. Start the project and finish it before my 40th birthday. I’ve done the brainstorming to gather ideas, but haven’t started anything just yet.

All in all I really do think I’m making good progress. If nothing else, looking at this list on a regular basis is helping me to remember what it is I want to do and that getting there is every bit as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

cover me up #2

There are no original ideas left in the world, or so they say. All I know is that right now I am way too fucking tired to do a whole lot of original thinking so I’m swiping an idea from Evil Squirrel. I’m going to share with y’all some of my favorite songs that have had covers done. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the order of these.

Y’all know that Bowling for Soup is quite possibly my all time favorite band. Part of the appeal, for me, is that they’ll take on other artist’s songs and spin them a little. This cover of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemian’s “Circle” is just beautiful.