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Wow, what an AWESOME weekend!  Now, not so much.

I managed to get 16 of the 20 things on my to do list done yesterday.  That felt terrific.  I was productive, I had energy, Josh and I got along really well…  Just a great weekend.  Until last night.

I started feeling a little icky around dinner time.  I thought maybe I’d just stirred up too much dust with all of my cleaning and organizing.  But as the evening wore on I just kept feeling worse.  By the time I went to bed I was miserable.  It appears that somewhere along the line I picked up a head cold.  Yippee.

I slept very poorly last night, tossing and turning a lot trying to find a position I could breathe in.  When it was time for Josh to get up this morning I was exhausted and wanted no part of him.  He tried pulling the covers off me to wake me up and I very quickly yanked them back up.

I’m at work, slogging through this, but I’m still quite miserable.  I sneeze almost constantly and my nose feels like it’s on fire from being blown so much.  Food doesn’t taste right and worse, neither do cigarettes.

Josh is supposed to call in a few minutes and I really don’t want to talk to him.  Just shoot me now.