My dad died yesterday morning.  Mom was there with him and the last thing he heard her say was “I love you.”  She said it, he shook his head to acknowledge, then was gone.  I guess you couldn’t really ask for much better than that given the circumstances.

I was at home yesterday when the call came.  This head cold is wreaking havoc.  Josh was home with me.  He got sent home shortly after his shift started because there wasn’t enough work.  I was very thankful that he was there.

I’m handling this better than expected I guess.  I’ve been kind of weepy now and again, but not hysterical.  I did make the mistake of sniffing a bottle of after shave yesterday and that damn near did me in, but I got it back under control.

The funeral service is tomorrow evening.  Not sure if I’ll post tomorrow or when I’ll post again.  Not sure when I’ll be back at work again after today.  It all kind of depends on what my mom needs help with.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know in case I can’t post for a few days.  Things are alright, I’ll be alright.