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So much to do today kids!  Bear with me and we’ll try to get through it in an orderly fashion…

I added a new pattern and a new recipe.  The pattern is for another bag and it’s the one that was published back in 2005 in a small magazine.  I don’t have any pics because I lost the bag and I haven’t made another yet.  It’s pretty cool though.  The recipe is for my grandmother’s lemon sugar cookies.  It’s quite possibly my very favorite cookie ever.  I had hoped to be able to make a batch this weekend, but alas, my plans did not work out as I had wanted.  I did add that to my list though so maybe next weekend I’ll get to it.

Ok, update on the weekly goals:  I didn’t finish the kid’s scarf because I burned the shit out of one of my fingers.  Steam burning yourself two nights in a row is really not recommended.  It blistered.  Bad.  Ouch.  I did go looking for the picture of me and Dad but couldn’t find it.  I have one place left to look and then I”ll be forced to give up.  I made a valiant effort to finish my to do list, but since it blossomed so spectacularly I was not successful.  It got up to 20 things Friday by the time I left work.  I added a few more over the weekend and now it sits at 6.  Possibly doable this week yet, not sure.  Josh and I didn’t start the book yet but we did talk about it.  Half a win on that so far?  Maybe.  And I did indeed start the Christmas gift making list, so that’s a confirmed win.  I still have a few days to go so maybe I”ll be able to have 5 wins under my belt.

The weekend was interesting.  Josh drank 2 nights, but only because we had one of his friends over for dinner Saturday night.  It wasn’t too bad except that I slept like shit all weekend.  The combination of that and my bad means I’m at home today.  I just got home from seeing a regular doc and having some x-rays taken.  She thinks it’s just a muscle pull, but a bad one, but wanted to do some films just to be safe.  She also wrote me a Rx for cyclobenzaprine to help relax my muscles.  Yeah, right.

Oh hell, we need another update…

Yearly Goals

  1. Get my finances back in order. Back on track I think.  I got my student loans refinanced which cut my payments by nearly $350.  Also used most of my tax refund to catch some stuff up.  And I made myself a budget that I’m trying to stick to.  I wouldn’t say this one has been accomplished, but I”m making good progress.
  2. Rip out all of the half started projects I have laying about and reclaim the yarn for something else.  DONE!!!
  3. Perform a “stuff” purge.  Almost done.  I’d like to finish going through my bookshelves but I just don’t have it in me right now because of the back situation.  I have cleaned out my jewelry armoire, every dresser drawer, the clothes closet, and part of my desk.  I need to finish the desk and then I think it’s probably time to go through the craft storage area again.  So I’m still working on it but making good progress.
  4. Read a book.  Might try to start this yet this week.   I’ve got a fairly small Anne Rice novel I’d like to read.  Maybe I could spend some quality time on the sofa with the book and an ice pack.
  5. Get better at documenting my knitting/crocheting projects.  Working on it.  I haven’t been doing much lately so there hasn’t been a lot to document.  This one will probably just be a perpetual work in progress.
  6. Organize my photos.  DONE!!!
  7. Take more pictures with the camera, not just my phone. Working on this one as well.  I did acquire another digital camera over the weekend and I’m debating keeping it in my purse.  That would help, maybe.

All in all I would say I’ve been doing fairly well.  I’m pleased with my progress so far.  I’m off to bond with the sofa and the ice pack.  After a smoke of course.