I ended up leaving work early yesterday because I was so incredibly pissed off at Josh that I couldn’t even see straight.  I went home and waited for him.  As usual, I abandoned my plan to kick him out.  We talked and I explained that what had really pissed me off wasn’t the fact that he did drink, but rather that he had told me he wouldn’t and then he did.  I tried getting him to see that it’s a trust issue.  I also asked him if there was anything else going on that I needed to know about.  He said no.  I dropped it.  We made up properly and went about our evening.

Around 7:30 he told me that he was feeling pretty stressed out because of some financial issues and would it be ok if he had one beer after I fell asleep.  I was very pleased by his willingness to ask me so I agreed that one would be ok, with the usual caveat that this does not turn into an every night thing.  He agreed and I went to sleep.

This morning I found the empty can, and was not surprised.  What shocked the shit out of me was the flash light on my nightstand – where I’d been hiding the whiskey.  The bottle is visibly emptier.  Pissed off in action.  But wait, it gets better.  In the kitchen trash I found TWO empty bottles of whiskey, one of the shooter size and one a pint.

That lousy son of a bitch is hiding it from me STILL.

So far I haven’t talked to him this morning and I’m going to try very hard not to talk to him at all today.  I’m so fucking pissed off I know that I would be unable to be civil to him.  I’m really thinking this is going to end up being the straw that broke the camel’s back.