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My stomach and my brain seem to have a closer connection than they should.  My moods very directly effect my appetite and my ability to process food.  So now it would seem that my ENTIRE FUCKING BODY is out to get me.

The last several days I’ve had almost no appetite at all.  I’ve eaten bits here and there because I know I need to, but pretty well just the bare minimum to keep my body from thinking it’s starving.  I have to eat something at night with my pills otherwise they don’t work at all, but the last few days that’s about all I’ve eaten.  I didn’t really think much of this as I would really like to lose some weight, I just don’t necessarily think this is the best way to go about doing it.

Anyway, this morning I had to stop and get smokes on the way to work so while I was at the gas station I picked up a pastry and a bottle of milk.  Didn’t eat it until after I’d been here about an hour.  Didn’t get hungry again until just a few minutes ago.  I finally ate some Cheetos.  I know, high quality food there.  Anyway, now I’m thinking maybe I am a little hungry and should perhaps nosh on something before I go home and empty the fridge into my gullet.

Does anyone else have the mood/food connection?