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Well, so far I’ve managed to shop and knit a tiny bit.  And smoke.  Lots of smoking.  I can feel the emphysema developing in my lungs.

The visit with shrinky-poo this morning went well.  She agreed with me that the “mania” of the last several weeks is not indeed a true mania but rather a normal elevated mood brought on by the return of the sun and nice weather.  She said to keep an eye on things and make sure it doesn’t blossom into a full mania, and enjoy it while it lasts.  So I set out today to do just that.

I knit on the rat bastard’s socks for awhile, but I’ve since abandoned them.  If I’m going to play with yarn today it’s going to be for something for me.  Nyah.  Anyway, I went out shopping and had a lovely time.  I hit a great sale at my favorite clothing store and got a hooded sweater, short sleeved sweater jacket, denim skirt, and a pair of jeans – for $70.  Quite the score.  Then I went to Trader Joe’s and got a cake for dinner tonight and some treats for the worthless one.  After that it was on to the art supply store where I got him a mini robot to draw on and a new set of fine point markers.  Why am I spoiling him like this?  Fuck if I know.

Anyway, after that I went to Hobby Lobby and got stuff to make some new jewelry to go with the hooded sweater.


I’m pleased with how it all turned out.  New jewelry always cheers me up.  If the rat bastard behaves himself, the plan is to wear my new outfit when we go to dinner Friday night.  Of course that all remains to be seen.

I’ve talked to him THREE TIMES today and he hasn’t mentioned our anniversary during any of those conversations.  I’m thinking (hoping?) that he’s got something planned for when he gets home.  He fucking well better.  If he doesn’t, his ass is OUT.  He knows very well how important today is for me so you’d think he’d have been saying shit all day long, but no.  For fuck’s sake, the whole reason our anniversary is on his birthday is so that he doesn’t fucking forget!!!