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That was pretty damn awesome.

We got along 99% of the time this weekend.  About the only time we didn’t was first thing in the morning, and that’s pretty much to be expected.  We got some things done, we hung out together, went shopping…  Yeah, awesome.

Also awesome is this…


I finally got the bind off edge fixed and it really does fit.  I cast on for the second one last night and got the toe done.  I brought it with me today for my lunch time knitting.  I’m hoping this means my mojo is back.  While we were out shopping yesterday Josh picked out two more balls of sock yarn for the next pair.  I had to tell him and Mom that I’ll take turns making socks for them both.  Eventually I’ll sneak a pair for myself in.

I’m working on another crocheted shawl and not having much luck with it.  The pattern is called Neptune’s Tears and it’s not written that well.  I just kind of got stuck with it and I’m not exactly in the mood to bring it back out yet.  It’ll sit in time out for a while.  I still need to block Fantasm, but I haven’t really felt like being hunched over the bed for that long.

I’m going to try to buy the plane tickets for our trip this week.  We really need to get going on planning all that.  We’re talking about leaving near the end of May and that’s fast approaching.

The mood seems to be doing pretty good.  I did get a little frustrated with Josh this weekend about the whole sleeping in thing, but that wasn’t too bad.  The only other real issue we had was deciding about lunch yesterday.  He wasn’t really giving me any suggestions but he was shooting down all of my ideas.  I just went outside and put some new stickers on my car and waited for him to make up his mind.  No big deal.