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It would appear that my sleep clock has gotten fucked up AGAIN.  I tried going to bed at 10 last night and was still awake at midnight, and again at 1, and 2, and 3…  I think all told I got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep last night.  I’m kind of slow today because of it.  And I’m not sure what’s going on.  Josh and I were getting along, I took my pills with dinner, I wasn’t overly worried about anything – it just doesn’t make sense.  I finally got out of bed at 7 this morning and made it to work at 8.  My boss wasn’t upset, just a little concerned about me as usual.  It’s just very frustrating.

Josh was really good to me last night.  When he saw that I wasn’t falling asleep like usual he cuddled me and rubbed my back and head to try to soothe me.  It was wonderful.  I thanked him for it this morning and he said he knew I’d have done the same for him.  Too right.

The mood seems to be ok, I just don’t have a whole lot of energy.  I’ve got stuff I need to try to get done today, but between the lack of sleep and the overabundance of meetings, I’m just not sure how much I’ll get done.  Days like today are frustrating.  I know there are things I need to do but it seems like the universe is determined to make sure I can’t do them.  I guess I’d say if I had to try to put a label on the mood right now I’d say it’s normal, perhaps a touch low.

The sock is progressing well.  I got a little done last night before I gave up and I brought it with me again today.  Not sure I’ll be able to get it done by the end of the weekend now or not, guess it just depends on how things go the next few days.  I’d really like to get it done so that I can move on to something else.

I know I really need to finish the things I have started before I take on anything else, it’s just that nothing I have going really seems that interesting anymore.  And that’s sad.  I need to try though, otherwise I’ll never really accomplish anything.  Maybe I need to try to make some kind of thing to hang out over in the side bar to keep track of everything…