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the elusive knitter in her native habitat

The sock, in bed, with me.  How kinky.  For anyone who’s actually interested, the shirt says “Drugs Are Bad – Unless You’re Bipolar.”  It’s one of my favorite t-shirts.  I worked on the sock until around 8 last night and got some good progress made.  I’ve got it with me again today and I plan on taking it on a field trip tonight.

I get to go to Gemma’s!!!  She was having a bit of a rough patch earlier this week and her Josh thought that perhaps having some company would help lift her spirits, so he invited us over for dinner.  I can’t wait!  What a perfect way to start the weekend.  And I have gifties for her.  This marks the official start of her birthday week, so really, I can’t show up empty handed.  Besides, this is a BIG birthday for her so it must be celebrated properly.

The mood is still quite good.  Better this morning actually.  I GOT SOME SLEEP!!!  The power of the Sleepy Time tea was AWESOME!!!  Still need to work on getting a proper routine established around this, but it helped and I’m happy.  YIPPEE!!!  Josh was not as wonderful last night as he was the other night, but I’m sure he’ll get better about this.  I explained to him why I think I need a bed time routine and he wasn’t opposed to the idea, just not really enthusiastic about it.  Typical.  Anyway, once I figure out what all I really need to do to be effective I should be able to get him to modify his behaviors in an appropriate way.

As long as this weekend goes well, I should still be in a good mood on Monday.  I don’t foresee any real problems, just kind of depends on how the kid is.  Josh has decided we really probably should go watch her ice skating lesson tomorrow since she’s been asking about it.  I reminded him that this means he’ll have to get up earlier tomorrow morning and he said he’ll try.  I’m not really holding my breath.  We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes I guess.

Not sure if I’ll pop in tomorrow morning or not.  Kind of depends on how early I get up and whether or not I get any good pics taken tonight at Gem’s.  Catch ya later kids!