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Stop the roller coaster, I wanna get off…

Things were going alright yesterday afternoon until Josh told me that he’s going to have to take attendance points to be gone for the trip.  He’d put in his request for time off over a month ago and it was approved, so we’re not sure why they’ve changed their minds.  Anyway, I got pissed.  I don’t want him to have to take points because if he gets too many they’ll fire him.  We had a huge fight about the trip.  He finally played his ace – “if you really love me you’ll go with.”  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  So I tried turning it back on him, “if you really love me you’ll stop drinking.”  That did not go over so well.  Apparently he’s the only one allowed to play that card.  Fuck him.

Anyway, we sort of got things straightened out.  We went to another store last night and got the rest of the supplies we needed.  When we got home we split the yarn for his next pair of socks and got that wound up.  I did a quick gauge swatch with some new needles I got and I’m all set.  I just need to get the toe cast on and started before we go.  Should be able to get to that this weekend sometime.  I’m also going to get the toe for the other purple sock cast on and started.  I haven’t decided if I’ll take both with or not, but I want something to work on at Gemma’s tomorrow night.

Gemma got a new puppy and so we’re going to visit and join them for dinner.  Should be a fun afternoon/evening.  I’m starting tomorrow by going to a farmer’s market with mom, then out to breakfast.  Not sure what else we’re doing but Josh has to work until 12:30 so I’m sure we’ll find some ways to get in trouble while he’s busy.

My performance evaluation has been moved to this afternoon.  I asked my boss about it yesterday and she said not to worry, it’s fine.  Then she sent me the paperwork so I could see what she had written.  She’s right, nothing to worry about.  The meeting this afternoon is really just a formality, so I’m not nervous anymore.  Fortunately my boss is the type that if you’re fucking up she tells you right away rather than wait for the evals.  It’s very nice actually.

The mood is kind of iffy this morning again, as seems to be the case most mornings.  I’m a little grumpy but I’m trying to hide it.  Josh was being extra sweet and I was trying to be sweet back.  And then he referred to me as a “tickle monster” and I kind of got peeved.  I’d been saying all sorts of sweet things about how he looks and how funny he is and how lucky I am to have him and then he goes and calls me a fucking tickle monster.  So not amused.