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The speeding up/slowing down thing pretty well came to a halt after dinner.  At that point I slowed down to where I pretty well just stopped.  Thankfully I was able to get the requisite evening chores accomplished and my shelf hung up.  But I didn’t knit at all and that kind of bummed me out.

I decided to go ahead and take only 100mg of Geodon and I’m glad I did.  I slept well last night and I woke up feeling better.  I was a little slow getting started, but I also started about 30 minutes earlier since I needed to make sure Josh was out the door in time.  But I got all of my regular morning stuff done plus a few extra bits.  I feel like my energy is slowly picking up and I’m feeling fairly certain that I’ll top out where I should.

In many ways yesterday was perfect.  Josh and I got along all day, I had enough energy to get the things I needed to done, and I slept quite well.  If I could figure out how to clone that day and make it happen every day, I’d be a very happy Mama indeed.  But, as Josh pointed out last night, no one can safely stay hypomanic forever.  I am disturbingly aware of the fact that this episode will come to an end, and probably soon.  I just want to do everything I can to minimize a crash at the end of it.  And I’m trying to make the most of the energy I have now because I know that this will be the first thing to go.

I’m really hoping this lasts through the weekend.  I’ve got just a few more big things I’d like to get accomplished before I turn into a slug again.  My closet is getting kind of messy again and I’d really like to get it cleaned out and organized.  That’s where I keep all of the craft supplies and lately we haven’t been doing such a good job of putting things back when we’re done.  Plus I’d like to label stuff so I don’t have to rifle through boxes to find what I’m looking for.  Mom has said she’ll help me with this.  I think if I can get that done this weekend I’ll feel pretty good.