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I think my hypomania is leaving me.  I’ve managed to get a few things done today, but nothing like even yesterday.  And I picked a fight with Josh at lunch time for no good reason.  I’m way too slow and it fucking sucks.

I have been thinking about some little things I’d like to do when I get home, just not sure I’ll have the energy to do them.  I’m wondering now if I’ll be able to accomplish my weekend list, or if I’m going to turn into a slug before then and not get anything done.  I suppose that’s not entirely fair – I’ll still get stuff done, just not as much or as fast.  I’m trying to figure out what I can try to get done tonight while I maybe still have a little left in me.

The mood is, remarkably, not too bad.  After Josh and I got things straightened out I seemed to feel better.  And then the system administrators came and told me that my name change got approved and they did the switch this afternoon.  I’ve been going by my previous married name at work because I haven’t legally changed my name with the Social Security Administration yet.  The email guys finally put a thing in place where you can change your email identity without having a legal name change.  This is awesome for me because for the entire 11 years I’ve been here I’ve been known by that name.  Now I’ll be known by both.  Not hyphenated.  Just three names – Erin K*** R****.  This makes me happy.