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So apparently I shouldn’t fuck around with my pills on my own.  Who knew?

I was pretty slow yesterday, and it really pissed me off.  I got home and had another fight with Josh.  He decided that I haven’t been getting enough sex lately and that that’s what’s been causing me some of the problems.  So we did, and I actually did feel a little better.  I guess my brain is addicted to the chemicals that get released with orgasms.  At least it’s a cheap and easy fix.

So we got everything worked out and I managed to get a few things done last night which in turn made me feel even better.  I figured since I’d slept pretty well the night before that maybe a little less Geodon would be even better.  I took 80mg.  Big mistake.  I slept terrible and now this morning I feel pretty well wiped.  I did manage to get the required morning things done and get to work on time, but now I’m wondering what all I’ll be able to accomplish here.  I’ll go back to 100mg tonight for sure.

I’ve kind of decided that even if I don’t have the energy to really want to do things, I’m still able to push myself to get them done.  This morning before I left the house I cleaned up the basement, put away the rest of the dinner dishes from last night, and started a load of laundry.  Not bad for being pretty tired.  I’m just hoping that this weekend I can keep doing that and get everything done.

Josh managed to get registered for classes yesterday afternoon.  He’s taking English and math and will be gone 3 nights a week.  I’m not entirely thrilled by this, but I know it needs to happen.  I’m kind of figuring this will give me extra time to knit and craft.  And he doesn’t start until 6 so I’ll still have a few minutes to spend with him in the afternoon before he has to leave.  I’m actually really proud of him for doing this – it means he does have some ambition and that he really wants to make life better for us.

Tonight my niece is coming over again and I’m not really looking forward to it.  She’s a great little kid and I love her, but she’s got so much energy and I’m just not sure I can cope with that tonight.  Plus I’m sure she’s going to want to do some kind of craft project and I just don’t know if I’m up for that.

My uncle’s sock is turning out to be a nightmare.  I checked with some other knitters and found out that this yarn is just about the very worst that you can use for socks.  It won’t wear well, requires special attention for washing, and it appears that I won’t even have enough with what I ordered.  This is why I haven’t posted any pictures yet – I hate it.  I’m planning to keep working this first one to see how far I get, but I’m not really hopeful that it’ll be a success.

The mood is alright I guess.  I’m kind of tired, but like I said, I’m pushing myself to keep moving.  I’m really not in the mood to deal with Josh so I told him I’m busy.  His break is coming up in a few minutes and I’m not sure if he’ll keep quite or try to talk to me then.  Not sure which I’d prefer to be honest.