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Good morning kids!  Hope everyone is feeling good this morning.  I feel splendid, thanks for asking…

This has been a stellar weekend so far in damn near every regard.  We had a really pleasant time Friday night just kind of hanging out.  The weather was lovely so we spent part of the time just sitting in the garage with the door open, chatting.  Saturday morning Josh got up when the alarm went off, as promised, and we had a wonderful day.  We took our shower, had some breakfast, ran a few errands, had lunch at my favorite Greek restaurant, did a little window shopping, and then came home and just sort of fucked off the rest of the day.  Last night we spent the evening alternating between playing with the computer and sitting in the garage smoking.  And there was no tv, hardly at all yesterday.

So far this morning we haven’t managed to do much.  Well no, I haven’t managed to do much.  Josh has emptied the cat boxes and the dishwasher for me already.  I need to finish tidying up and then figure out what I’m doing the rest of the day.

We haven’t been able to work on the cedar chest because the weather just hasn’t been cooperating.  That’s alright, I’m just kind of enjoying hanging out and being a slug.

The job interview went well.  I’m supposed to find out Monday or Tuesday if I’m getting it.  The managers I talked to seemed really nice and I think I’d really enjoy working there.  I’m kind of anxious to get the call.

Alright, that’s enough drivel from me for one morning.  I’m feeling fat and sassy and I need to go torment something or someone.  Catch ya in the morning!