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Not sure how many times I’m going to have to explain to Josh that when he drinks I don’t sleep.  He drank both nights this weekend, AGAIN, and again it has fucked up my sleep schedule.

I had hoped that since I took it easy yesterday that I’d have an easy time falling asleep.  I felt pretty tired damn near all day.  I took my pills early, stayed away from the caffeine, had my last smoke early, and still I was awake half the night.  Thanks to this I woke up feeling like dirt and had trouble with my stomach.  I guess I’m just thankful this will be a short week.

The weekend really wasn’t too bad except for the lack of sleep.  We had a nice time together and got some things done.  We did fight just a tiny bit, but not enough to spoil the good mood we had going.  I’m just hoping I can keep my shit together well enough today that we don’t fight any more.

The mood right now is kind of dicey.  Being utterly worn out will do that to you though.  And the oppressive heat has returned.  It’s not really any hotter than it has been, but the humidity is way up there.  Nothing like being hot and tired to put you in a foul mood.