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I had very little hope that today would be anything other than “Tuesday, part 2” but it appears I might have been wrong.  Please Ceiling Cat, let me be wrong…

When I talked to Josh on his first break I told him I didn’t want to talk at lunch if he didn’t think we could be good to each other.  He promised that he’d do his part and that he’d call.  So I let him.  We talked for almost an hour – his work was having some kind of picnic today and they got a long lunch because of it.  It started out kind of iffy.  Neither of us really seemed to want to say much for fear of saying the wrong thing.  But we talked, and it got better, and now things appear to be alright.  I guess I’ll have to see when I get home.

He did say that since he still has a little money in his bank account that he’ll stop at the store on his way home and get me the Melatonin.  I figure at this point damn near anything is worth trying.  What I really need, and what I told him, is that I need a nice quiet productive evening to make me feel good.  Perhaps if I feel good when I lay down that will help.  Hard telling, but, again, it’s worth a try.

I managed to get a respectable amount of work done on a project this morning which also makes me feel good.  I’m still really tired, and a bit sore, but I’m coping.  While I was talking to Josh at lunch I managed to finish the last of the Christmas washcloths.  That means tonight I need to dig out the hat yarn and get going on those.  I found a pattern for the little girls yesterday, I just need to find out what their favorite colors are.  The pattern is for bunnies wearing skirts.  I thought little girls should like something like that.

I still haven’t heard from Josh’s ex about the weekend plans and it’s really starting to piss me off.  I guess this time I’ll just not worry about it and see what happens.  If she hasn’t gotten back to me by Friday I’m just going to assume we’re not getting the brat this weekend.  Fine by me.

The mood is a little better now than it was this morning.  I just keep trying to tell myself that I only have 1 1/2 days left of work this week and then I get a 4 day weekend.  I think I’m looking forward to it.