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I feel completely wore out and the day isn’t even half way over yet.  I’m ready to drop, right here, right now.  Don’t bother picking me up, I don’t have anywhere I need to go.

Josh bombarded me while I was trying to take care of the car.  Somehow he forgot that I’d be doing that this morning.  How he could forget is beyond me – he had to drive my Jeep to work.  HELLO!  Anyway, he left the Honda with almost no gas in the tank and enough shit in the car to open a recycling center.  I was mortified to be dropping it off.

The rental company gave me a minivan to drive.  A motherfucking MINIVAN.  They called me three times to ask me what kind of car I wanted and each time I told them I just wanted a sedan.  I got a fucking minivan.

So yeah, my day is not off to a great start.  Josh is being moody and I REALLY WANT A CIGARETTE.  And I’m really thinking I’d like to be rid of him.  He’s driving me crazy, he doesn’t respect my property, he hasn’t thanked me today for his lunch or coffee (something he almost always remembers), and he’s apparently stopped saying “goodbye” when he gets off the phone.  I asked him about it today and he said he didn’t realize it was a “thing” with us.  What the fuck is that even supposed to mean???

Anyway, I’m about to have the rest of my afternoon filled with meetings.  I’ll be staying late again tonight and hopefully this time I won’t make it home in time to see him before he leaves for class.  He’s probably under the impression that we’ll have sex tonight.  WRONG.  I really want nothing more to do with him at this point.