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So here’s the game plan – give the bastard plenty of rope and watch him fucking hang himself.  Me like.

I’ve been chatting with my mom off and on today and we’re hatching a plan.  I’m going to play it incredibly cool for awhile.  I’ll be utterly nonchalant and show him that none of what he’s doing is really phasing me.  NONE OF IT.  Like this morning – I told him I’d found the bottles and that he’d blown it.  He came back with a lame excuse about how his Ambien didn’t work last night and he needed more than the 2 partial beers to put himself out for the night.  I simply replied, “ok, no problem.”  At lunch I told him I was sorry to hear he’d had a hard time sleeping.  That was it.  No yelling, no starting an argument.

I just don’t give a shit anymore and he’s about see firsthand just what that looks like.

I haven’t told him that I love him at all today and I have no intention of ever telling him again.  I don’t mean it, there’s no reason I should say it.  The ONLY reason I’m not kicking him out today is because I’d really like to get my money.  Yes, I am THAT BITCH.

But hey, be proud of me – no smokes and no Klonipin for quite a few days now.  I’ve hit 15 days with the no smoking.  I’m quite pleased by that.  Another week and I’ll have 21 days under my belt and then I’ll feel like I’ve really made some progress.  YAY ME!!!