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So I guess most of the time I do a pretty good job of hiding when I’m having a bad day from the normies.  Right now I seriously doubt that any of my colleagues or the random folks I’ve dealt with today realize that I’m in a right foul mood.  But Josh knows and he’s harassing me about it.

We all have “off” days – occasions when we don’t feel on top of our game or much like dealing with people.  Most of us can hide this from everyone else and just plow through the day until we can get home and unwind.  It’s called LIFE, we live it every day.

It appears that I’m not allowed to have an “off” day.

I told him this morning that I didn’t really feel much like talking, he pestered me as to why.  I tried to explain that I’m a little overly stressed out right now, he insisted on knowing why.  I tried to give him a polite yet cursory answer, he kept insisting on details.

I’ve tried telling him before to just leave me alone but that only serves to incite a small riot.  But all I really want is to be left alone.  For awhile.  At least until the next time I have to leave my office for my noon appointment.  But no, he insisted.

I really am trying to be decent to him, I swear I am.  I just don’t know how much more I can take.  He said something earlier that really kind of pissed me off – “sorry for caring.”  What the fuck?  He claims he’s just trying to be good to me.  Ah yes, be good to me and LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!

The only other mildly interesting thing that happened today is that a man showed interest in me, I think.  We have a new custodian and he’s friendly, but appropriately so.  This morning he struck up a conversation with me in the hall.  It was entirely proper, I assure you, but it seemed like maybe he’s wanting to get to know me?  I don’t know.  Like I said, it was proper and pleasant and probably meant nothing.  But it was nice to have a man just strike up a conversation with me.  It made me feel kind of good and has definitely been the high point of my day thus far.  Perhaps he was just practicing a random act of kindness.