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I guess what it comes down to is that I’m just not sure what to make of Josh anymore.

We had a reasonable conversation when I got home from work yesterday.  We discussed our days and miscellaneous things, he told me I needed to make him a sandwich, and he left.  I have no idea why I had to make the sandwich though – he had plenty of time to do it himself.  When I got home he was camped out in front of the tv.

Anyway, he got there and started texting me again.  Not sure why he always leaves 30 minutes early and then insists on texting me the entire time he’s waiting.  Mom and I had dinner and then I spent the rest of the evening relaxing.  I didn’t even knit.  He texted me on his break at school – nothing worth noting.  When he got home I woke up and had a terrible time falling back asleep.  The new battery for his phone came and he was playing with it, making all kinds of noise.  I think I might have gotten 5 hours of sleep last night.

This morning it was as if nothing had happened.  He kissed me goodbye and I got my morning things done and sat down to knit.  He started texting again.  This morning he was pretending he was Chinese, so he was writing really weird.  Totally not funny.  And he was hinting that he wants sex.  I flat out asked him if that’s what he wanted and he came back with some stupid reply.  I think I’m just done talking to him today, all he seems able to do is annoy the fuck out of me.

I’m working on a new class again.  This will be “Getting Started with PowerPoint” and we’ve decided to make all of the PowerPoint classes a series – “PowerPoint in the Classroom.”  It’ll be 3 classes offered on consecutive Friday mornings.  I’ll do it right at the start of the summer semester.  Quite possibly the best part is that I talked to the woman who runs the Technical Communication certificate program yesterday and she said I can use the syllabus for this class as my writing sample.  Score!

I’m not exactly thrilled to be at work today.  I’ve got meetings close to 2/3s of the time I’m here today, and all with my team.  I love them, but for fuck’s sake, I’ve got real work to do kids.  I need to be in my office doing my work.  But this whole week is going to be like this – just balls to the walls meetings all the time.  I really rather hate it.

Enough of my whining.  The mood is pretty shitty.  My mouth still kind of hurts and I didn’t get near enough sleep last night.  Josh has already been being an asshole so I have no hope that things will get any better on that front.  I’m just going to hide as much as possible and try to get this shit done.