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I did ALL of the chores, all by myself this weekend.  No help from king asshole at all.  I cooked all of the meals and cleaned up everything after them.  I was the one who had to get the brat some Motrin because she has yet another headache.

“I’ll help you honey, you know I will.”


I’m not her mother, and I’m not his mother.  I’m a grown woman who chose not to have children because to me they are just big fucking leeches.  They suck up your food and your time and your money and they give you nothing in return.  Thanks, I’ll just get myself a gold fish next time I feel lonely.

He thinks he’s coming home to have sex.  WRONG.  I’m tired from having had to be “on” all fucking weekend and I’m really not in the mood to deal with him.  I’ll cook dinner and clean up after myself, but I have every intention of hiding the rest of the night.

He just thinks all of this is so fucking easy for me just because I don’t have a goddamn meltdown every time she comes over.  I fucking hate having her here.  Why can’t he just give her up and let her mom deal with her all the time?  Why do I have to be tortured like this???  Don’t I work hard during the week?  Don’t I deserve to have a nice weekend to myself?  Haven’t I fucking earned that?

I want to unleash on him when he comes home.  I want to fucking yell at him for everything he’s ever done to me.  I want to smack him across the face so hard it leaves a mark.

But I won’t.

I warned him that when the time came I’d just get quiet.  That time has come.  Prepare for the insufferable sound of silence.