I figured there’s no point in having these goals if I’m not actively working on them.  And what better way to be held accountable for this than to give y’all a monthly progress report.  So I’ll try to do this kind of update the last day of each month.

These are the goals I set for myself this year:

  1. Be able to put $25 into savings every month and leave it there.
  2. Get enrolled in the Technical Communication graduate certificate program.
  3. Work exclusively from my yarn stash.
  4. Work on my book at least 2x per month.
  5. Take better care of myself by taking my vitamins more regularly and exercising more often.
  6. Start working on christmas presents earlier in the year.
  7. Brush and floss my teeth every day.

I just added #7.  So, an update on this mess…

  1. The money got there but because of the issue with the debit card getting stolen it didn’t stay there.  Not really my fault though.  I’ll try again next month.
  2. Finishing all of the paperwork currently.  I still need to get my health record and my last measles shot taken care of.
  3. Haven’t purchased anything new since 1/1/13.
  4. I’ve written on the other site several times this month already – I’m thinking probably 4 or 5 times.
  5. Haven’t started exercising yet and I didn’t manage to get my vitamins quite every night.  I think I just need to tell Josh to make sure he puts them in with my evening dose all the time now.  He’s almost always the one who gets the evening pills together.  Not sure what I need to do about exercising more – I’ll try to work on that next month.
  6. I haven’t started work on anything yet, but there are ideas brewing in my head already.  Maybe that counts?
  7. Doing really well with the teeth thing.  Since 1/21 I have brushed and flossed every day.  I’ve made both activities part of my normal morning routine so there’s really no excuse for not keeping up with them.