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Josh and I had it out again last night.  Maybe this time things will get better?  Hard to say.  Everything really does seem to be alright at the moment, so I guess I enjoy that for what it is and roll with it.

I’m feeling overwhelmed again.  Broken brain is asserting itself and demanding some down time.  As soon as my boss arrives I’m going to ask her about taking tomorrow off work.  I really just want some time to myself to get some things done that I want to do.  We’ll see how it goes.

I looked back over the list of possible topics and nothing really speaks to me today.  I did, however, spend a ridiculous amount of time yesterday working on top 10 lists.  My idea was to be able to write up a bunch of them and then sprinkle them in on days I didn’t have much else to write.  Today kind of feels like one of those days.

top 10 reasons being mentally ill is the shit

  1. Appointments with shrinks and therapists give you an excuse to miss a little work now and then.
  2. You get to be part of a chemistry experiment every day.
  3. The voices can keep you company when you’re all alone.
  4. Tin foil hats are awesome.
  5. Some of the most brilliant minds in history were cracked.
  6. Your disease doesn’t usually involve a lot of invasive procedures to treat.
  7. Character flaws in a normal person are just symptoms of your disease.
  8. There’s a whole new dating pool waiting for you in the psych ward.
  9. You’ll never again need an excuse for leaving the house in your pajamas.
  10. There’s strength in numbers, and honey, there’s a lot of us out there.