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I have often asked my mother if she is 100% certain that my sister and I actually share blood.  We bear a passing resemblance to each physically but we are NOTHING alike.  Today that’s been pointed out, yet again.

My sister is well educated – she has a Master’s degree.  Her Bachelor’s is in nursing.  The field she’s in, or was in, pays very VERY well.

She quit her shitty job before christmas.  She was traveling almost constantly and working shitty hours when she was in town.  So she left.  She’s been without a job this whole time.  She’s finally decided to start looking again.  She got offered a job at a very well respected company this morning.  She’s not sure if she’ll take it or not because…

it ONLY pays $70,000.  ONLY $70,000.

If you want that to really sting some more, I make less than half that.  LESS THAN HALF.  Same level of education but in a completely different field so I make LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT THAT BITCH IS CONSIDERING TURNING DOWN BECAUSE IT’S JUST NOT FUCKING ENOUGH.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.  She’s got a big house, brand new car, 2 small children, and $70,000 a year isn’t enough.  She’d rather bring in nothing and keep sitting at home on her fat ass doing nothing.

I want a goddamn DNA test.