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So apparently I don’t really have meetings all day.  Some one put on my calendar that we were all supposed to watch these damn webinars, only no one ever showed up.  Apparently I was confused.  So I’ve been stuck in this other room since 8 and now I’m covering for a colleague so I’ll be here until almost noon.  At least I can do what I want to do now.

Things with Josh are not exactly going well.  I talked to him very briefly on his first break and I haven’t heard anything since then.  I’m just waiting for him to go on  lunch to see what happens with that.  I’m guessing it won’t go well.

I’m just in a foul mood and there’s nothing for it right now.  The only good thing to come out of this morning is I got to trade my old iPad for a newer one.  I’m waiting for it to finish charging so I can get it setup.  My colleague told me there’s no sense in having one if it isn’t new enough to run the things I need for my job.

I have also made myself a healthy to do list for when I get back to my office this afternoon.  And I’ve done some research for a project.  I’m thinking I might start making my home list here in a minute.  Gotta try to stay productive.

I wish I knew what else I should be doing to stay on top of my moods.  It seems like some days are really easy and others are a total bitch.  I don’t ever really feel like I’m doing anything different, but obviously I am.  The really weird thing is that I’ve been super productive at work lately in spite of all the bullshit that’s been going on.  It’s like because I’m failing in one area of my life I have to try to overcompensate and really excel in another area.