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Mistake #1 – trying to talk to Josh about something important over lunch.  Mistake #2 – getting pissed off that he wouldn’t talk.

I’ve given up.  Apparently there just is no talking to that man.  That’s fine, I won’t try that again.  I’ll just go back to pretending that everything is fine all the time and not telling him a goddamn thing.  That seems to be what he wants, so that’s what he’ll get.

I still have the headache.  I drank plenty of caffeine this morning, but I guess that isn’t going to help today.  Time to break out the big guns – Fioricet.  I’m guessing part of it is lack of sleep.  Last night was the 3rd night in a row that I got approximately 3 hours of sleep.  My body just doesn’t tolerate that like it used to.

I have been productive today.  WeeGee’s sock is almost done and I’ve started gathering the other bits to put in her package.  As soon as I get this sock done I’d like to move on to another gift project but WENDY HASN’T TOLD ME IF SHE LIKES GREEN OR NOT.  WENDY – DO YOU LIKE GREEN???

I’ve also run a load of laundry and just put the load of towels in the wash.  I took a nice long hot shower, even shaved my legs for the first time in months.  Lest you think I’m some kind of earth mother hippie freak I should tell you that I have been blessed with extremely light, extremely fine body hair.  I can go months without shaving and no one notices.  I just figured since I had the time today I’d go ahead and do it.  I also did a deep condition on my hair and scrubbed the hell out of my face.  Earl is essentially gone but apparently he invited some buddies to join the party.  Not entirely sure what’s up with my skin lately but I’ve really had enough, thanks very much.

I’m trying to get myself ready to play this new role.  Can I really pull off keeping my mouth shut and just going along with whatever he says?  I guess it’s worth a shot seeing as nothing else I’ve been doing works worth a damn.  About the only thing he really told me at lunch is that he expects me to be naked in bed waiting for him when he gets home so he can fuck me.  Oh yippee, can’t wait for that adventure.