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And no, Merry, I haven’t had any encounters with Puff.  I’m just hungry.  Really fucking hungry.  I’ve eaten a large can of mandarin oranges, a cheese stick, a roast beef and cheese sandwich, some chips and salsa, some bagel crisps, and now I’m eating fresh pineapple.  I’ve drank my entire cup of mocha, a can of V8 fusion juice, a bottle of IBC Black Cherry soda, and now I’m working on some lemon tea.

Sweet jesus, let this be a sign that my brain is functioning properly again.

I got up to cruising speed this morning fairly easily.  I got the one project I’m working on to it’s logical stopping point.  I need to wait until we have our team meeting Friday afternoon before I do anything else.  Now I’m working on a mobile learning project and it’s not really going as smoothly.  I’m still in the research phase which is quite possibly my least favorite thing to do.  I’ve got a meeting with one of my colleagues to talk about what we’ve found in a little bit.

Lunch went better than I thought it would.  Josh called and we actually talked the whole time.  It was nice for a change.  I think it helps that I feel a little more in control of what’s going on – not so much like I’m just completely at his beck and call today.  May sound silly, but it helps.

And, I have to say, girl, I look GOOD today.  At least that’s what I’ve been told.  By several non-compensated co-workers.  I’m wearing black dress cowboy boots, slender fitting dark blue jeans, a lilac colored tank top, and my special recovery sweater with sparkly purple jewelry.  I own this look.

Sorry, just had to have a little happy thrown in there.