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Have I mentioned that I hate going to the dentist?  Fortunately this visit was much less unpleasant than the last one.  It took 2 shots again to numb me and this time the right side of my nose went dead.  Totally trippy.  But it took less than 20 minutes from start to finish so that was good.  I got home way before Josh and got most of the chores done.  We talked and got shit back to right and then made up proper.  It was actually really good.

The rest of the evening was pretty mellow.  We had dinner and then I made milk shakes.  We went back downstairs and he started looking for jobs while I attempted to knit.  I was working on the vest again and it was just seriously pissing me off.  Anyway, he applied for 3 jobs and then we laid down to snuggle for a few minutes.  I fell asleep pretty quick and stayed asleep most of the night.

This morning I seriously did not want to get up.  I got up at like 4:30 to pee and then laid back down – big mistake.  I finally rolled out when Josh left and started getting my stuff done but I felt like a total slug.  I actually went and had a second smoke at home before getting in the shower.  I’m feeling better now but still not fully functional.

We talked some yesterday about the talking during the day.  We both admitted that we’re kind of addicted to it.  I told him that if I’m legitimately busy I’m just going to tell him that and he needs to be ok with it.  I also told him that if we don’t have anything to talk about at lunch we need to just end the conversation and talk again later.  He agreed that it’s worth a shot.  The thing that really gets me is that it seems like I’ll just get going on something and get into the thick of it and there he is wanting my attention.  It’s hard to stop and start like that.

Anyway, today is Tuesday and I’m trying to make it decent.  Josh just checked to see if it’s ok to talk at his first break and I told him it would be.  I was very appreciative that he asked first, that was nice, and I told him it was nice.  I got a really amazing amount of stuff done yesterday and I’m hoping to get even more done today.  I’m trying to work ahead again on a couple of projects I have going.  It’s not necessarily exciting work, but I enjoy it.

I have my appointment with shrinky-poo this afternoon.  I’m wondering how long I’ll have to stay at the increased dose of Geodon.  I don’t feel utterly slow yet, but I’m not sure if I’m at my usual cruising speed or not.  It’s hard to tell sometimes.  I feel decent and I’m sleeping, so that’s really probably all that matters.  I just hope she doesn’t feel the need to see me again next week – I really can’t afford too many office visits.

The mood is pretty good right now.  Josh and I are getting along, I’m getting good stuff done at work, Mom’s sock continues to progress well – life is just pretty damn decent right now.  Let’s hope it stays that way for awhile.