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  • Hanne Vest – me – started
  • second mitten – Josh – started
  • socks – Mom, Josh, me (I have enough sock yarn to make close to 15 pairs for all of us combined, maybe more)
  • felted tote bag – me – started
  • butterfly mobiles – started
  • cabled mitts – me (different color, different pattern)
  • gift for Gemma
  • gifts for Wendy and her baby
  • cabled socks – me, purple, still brewing the idea
  • leather belt
  • leather bag

So that’s kind of what the list of stuff I’d like to do looks like right now.  Some of that stuff is started, some still just ideas.  I should really probably just try to finish some of the started stuff and move on from there.

Had a delightful exchange with one of the resident asshats this morning.  He emailed yelling at me about a problem he’s having and insisted I drop everything and fix his problem immediately.  I did, and found out that he completely did this to himself.  So I told him that, after I fixed it.  I won’t fix this again.  It’s right there in the full color instructions I gave him last time this happened.  Get thee away from me you vile creature.

Things with Josh are still going alright.  He wants to have sex again tonight, surprise surprise.  Kind of starting to think I’m going to enjoy him being in school 4 nights a week come spring quarter.

The mood is still not too bad.  The food thing is under better control today.  So far I’ve had my can of oranges, a cheese stick, and my peanut butter and honey sandwich.  I’m debating about some cheesy poofs.  Nothing says lunch quite like puffy artificially cheese flavored snack bites.