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We tried to have sex again last night – emphasis on “tried.”  He didn’t end up getting a job out of the interview he went on and apparently that really bummed him out.  I gave him multiple opportunities to put me off but he insisted it would be fine.  But it wasn’t.  And he faked it again.  I fucking hate that.  This morning is already starting out rough because of it.  Just what I don’t need.

I did sleep pretty good last night.  I decided to leave my sun lamp on the entire time I was at work and I really think that might have helped.  I’m going to leave it on today as long as I’m here in this office.  I’m seriously debating taking the one from home with me tomorrow since I’ll be in the other building.  Might not be a bad idea.

I’m getting tons of stuff done at work right now, but not so much at home.  I finished Mom’s socks last night but didn’t really feel like I had the energy to start anything else.  This morning I dug out the yarn for my socks and started a gauge swatch, but that’s all the farther I got.  Well, no, I looked in a pattern book for cable ideas for the legs and I think I’ve found one I like.  I was going to bring all that stuff with me today so that I could at least do the math over lunch, but I couldn’t find my print out with my measurements on it so I decided not to bother.  Hopefully tonight I can get some good progress made.

I’ve got a bunch more stuff I want to get done today at work, just not sure if it’s going to happen or not.  We’re having a potluck breakfast for Valentine’s Day and then I have a meeting after that.  Fortunately that’s it for today except for going to the other office.  The stuff I want to get done I can do from anywhere, so that should help.  I do think I might make a Google doc of the to do lists on my whiteboard so that I can keep working on stuff tomorrow.

I’m not really a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  It seems to me that you should be telling the people you love that you love them every day and doing little things to show them.  Why wait for just one day to say all of the things you’ve been feeling all year?  Seems stupid to me.  But Josh got me a funny card and bought me a monkey holding a heart that says “I ❤ u” which is kind of cute.

I’m not feeling that great today and I think maybe that’s part of why things with Josh aren’t exactly smooth right now.  My mom has a cold that she picked up from my sister and her kids and I think maybe I’m getting it.  I just felt really odd this morning, like my head wasn’t right.  It wasn’t my usual broken brain kind of not right, more like maybe I am getting sick.  Hard to say with me.

The mood isn’t all that bad right now, I’m just a little tired.  I’m not entirely sure what the day holds in store for me so I’m feeling kind of hesitant.  I’d like to make good progress with stuff at work and at home today.  And I’d like to figure out what my weekend looks like.  I’ve already made tentative plans with Gemma to get together next weekend, which I’m very much looking forward to.  I’m just not sure what all we’ll do this weekend besides run errands.