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Ah yes, welcome to Friday – gateway to the weekend.

Yesterday ended up being an almost entirely stellar day.  Had I not had to fight with an issue at work it would have been perfect.  Josh and I got along all day, we had phenomenal sex, dinner was awesome, and I got the sock sort of started.  I’m going to call it an unmitigated win.

Even though I didn’t start the day feeling that great I persevered.  I realized that I was being mean to Josh and that he really didn’t deserve that, so I stopped.  I spent the rest of the day making an effort to be as funny as I could be and it worked marvelously.  By the time I got home from work I literally couldn’t wait to see him and we had a great time.

I’m not so sure today will be as good.  I’m in the other office and I forgot that one of my colleagues is teaching here today.  He’s actually here already getting setup.  This means I may not be able to sneak out for smokes and I may not be able to talk to Josh at lunch.  That kind of miffs me.  Oh well, I guess it is what it is.

The sleep continues to be good.  I woke up once last night to use the bathroom but that was it.  I started waking up again this morning right around the time Josh’s alarm should have gone off.  We got up and I started getting things done.  I did decide on the cable pattern for the sock and started to get it written up.  I brought that with to type up later today.  Anyway, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have to stay at 160mg of Geodon, but for the time being my body seems to like this.

I’m hoping to have a good weekend.  It’s going to start kind of tenuous, I already know this.  I’ve got my appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon to see if there really is something medically wrong with my eyes.  I’m hoping it turns out to be nothing.  Just in case there’s any problems, I’m having Josh go with me.  Mom was nice enough to give me a ride to work this morning so Josh can pick me up at 3.  I’ll try to pop back in tonight and let y’all know what happened.

Anyway, after the eye appointment we’re running a few errands.  We’re going to Qdoba for dinner and then to Michael’s to look for slipper soles for Josh.  After that I’ve been promised some snuggle time.  Tomorrow we’ll have to run to the grocery store and Costco to get a few supplies.  I’m hoping then that I can tackle the chore list and spend some quality time with the sock.

In all I’d say I’m feeling a lot better.  I feel terrible for how poorly I treated Josh and Mom while I wasn’t feeling well.  I know they both love me and do their best to take care of me, I just hope that when I am well I’m able to do half as good a job loving and taking care of them.