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I’m scheduled to teach tomorrow morning at 9am.  A blizzard is on the way, scheduled to start sometime tomorrow morning.  Not a good combination.

I’m a little twisted right now about what to do.  I’ve already emailed the people who signed up for class and told them that if we’re open, I’ll still be holding class.  The problem is, I’m afraid the university is going to open as usual and then close early.  The question is – how early?

Josh is already talking about wanting to burn his remaining vacation time tomorrow and take the day off.  I really don’t blame him.  It’s not like where he works would close early if the roads got bad.  And if he does take the day off, he can take me to work and pick me up.  That wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I’m really hoping we just close for the day, and then maybe stay closed on Friday.  That’s really hoping for too much I realize.  We’ll be lucky to get out early tomorrow.  Sometimes this place really sucks.

Being slow also sucks, and I feel like a damn slug today.  My brain is just creeping along.  I’ve done hardly anything so far except write this morning.  I just don’t feel like I’m really up for much else.  And that’s not good – I’ve got a marathon meeting coming up at 11.  Wish me luck.