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My best friend came over last night with her husband for dinner.  Us girls sat at the table and made jewelry for a few hours.  That pic is what I managed to get done.  She made several pairs of earrings and a necklace.  Everything turned out wonderful.

While we were sitting at the table she asked me about my face.  I haven’t mentioned this yet because it scares me.  She thinks maybe I have tardive dyskinesia.  It’s a neurological thing where your face starts making random pointless movements without you telling it to.  There are many things that can cause this, but in my case it’s almost certainly the increased dose of Geodon.

It’s not noticeable when I’m talking – my face is too busy then to make these random movements.  But when I’m not talking, and in particular when I’m sitting still and thinking, my face goes into hyperdrive.  Mostly it’s my mouth – it moves of it’s own accord.  It’s getting really frustrating.  I know I probably look like a monkey, but until I can back off the dose there really isn’t anything I can do about it.

So tonight I’m doing something about it.  I slept nearly 11 hours last night.  I think that’s close enough to count.  And I’m feeling pretty slow and depressed this morning.  Tonight I’ll take only 120mg of Geodon and see if I’m still able to sleep.  If I am, I’ll do that for a week and then back myself down to the original 100mg dose.

I’m really hoping this works.  I would hate like hell to think that this has become a permanent part of who I am.  I definitely do not relish the thought of being twitchy the rest of my life.

But we had a good time last night, so that was good.  I’m hoping to maybe be able to get together with them again around my birthday.  We all agreed that we shouldn’t wait so long between visits.

The mood has been quite lovely lately.  This morning it feels like it’s about to go downhill though.  Things are not starting so well and I’m a little afraid that the whole day will be like this.