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So apparently Josh is completely unable to talk except when he’s on break.  Regardless of what nasty thing I’ve said, he won’t get back to me.  Ok, fine.

I’ve been having a borderline episode most of the day because of this.  I said some truly nasty things to him in the process.  Now I’m waiting to see if we’ll even be able to make this right.  Cuz I’m waiting.  Again.

I’m finally coming down with the cold that’s been going around and I’m feeling like dirt.  I keep chewing on the inside of my face because of the TD.  Literally all I have done today is eat, bite myself, and surf.  I’ve been turned on to the time-suck that is Pinterest.  Fortunately there is work related stuff to be found out there – that’s about the only thing that’s saved me today.

I’m going to go home and pretend that today never happened.  None of the nasty things got said, none of the crying happened, none of the hurt feelings.  It just didn’t fucking happen.