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Let the games begin…

Josh apparently gets 2 10 minute breaks – 9:30am and 2pm.  He gets a 30 minute lunch at 11:30.  He called at lunch and while we were on the phone for close to 20 minutes he probably only spoke for about 5.  All he really said is that he wants to have sex tonight, but not until after we hang out for awhile.  Whatever dude, I am so not in the mood for that shit.

I talked to shrinky-poo this morning and she confirmed that I do indeed have tardive dyskinesia.  She wants me to back the Geodon down to 100mg a night for a week and then check back in with her.  She says I might have to keep backing it down lower until the symptoms of this start to go away.  I’m a little concerned that she’ll have to take me off the Geodon entirely.  I’m sure there’s probably something else I can take, it’s just that the thought of having to switch meds again kind of scares me.

I’m just in a right foul mood and it seems there’s nothing to be done for it right now.  I tried knitting on my sweater before Josh called but that was frustrating as well.  Seems like everything is frustrating today.  I’ve sent some truly nasty text messages to Josh to see if I’d get a response, but so far there’s been nothing.  That’s fine, he’ll get nothing when I get home.