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“Everything will be fine when we get home.”

Right, because an entire day’s worth of bullshit can be resolved with a single kiss.  Tell me another of your glorious lies.  Go ahead and tell me how much you love me again, I never tire of hearing about that bit of utter shit.  Tell me how everything is really just fine.  Tell me how you’re going to call me names first thing in the morning.  Tell me how I can go fuck myself.  Tell me how this is all my fault for being such a bitch all the time.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

So I wait.  I wait for alleged quality time together.  I wait for alleged kisses and snuggles that won’t materialize until after I need them.  I wait for sex that never comes on the days I want it.  I wait.

What I’m really waiting for is the proverbial straw to break this camel’s back.  I can feel it coming, soon.  All of the nasty words, the broken promises, the outright lies – they’re adding up.

He only ever responds to the nasty text messages.  It’s frustrating, oh my god is it frustrating.  If I say something decent it just sits there.  The very minute I let loose with something nasty he’s right on it.  I’m done with this game.  I refuse to play anymore.  I’m a bitch because he’s making me a bitch.

So it’s time to get quiet.  It’s time to stop talking and saying things that just invite the hurt.  It’s time to put all of the raw emotion back in the bottle and not let it out.  It’s time.