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The cold continues to get worse.  I spent most of the night coughing and sweating.  I couldn’t get comfortable, I couldn’t hardly breathe…  It was just terrible.  I’m home again today because of it.  I was supposed to teach this morning but my colleague I normally do this class with said she could cover my part.  I’ve got another class scheduled for tomorrow morning that I’m really hoping I can make it to.  Right now I can’t really talk for more than a minute without hacking.

Things with Josh seem to be going alright.  We actually had sex yesterday when he got home from work and I enjoyed it, which was nice.  He’s been taking care of me, which is also nice.  I just hope I start feeling better soon.

Turns out we won’t get the brat this weekend after all.  Praise ceiling cat!  If we got her this weekend our next weekend would be when she’s having her birthday party and we’d have to rearrange again.  I told the ex that we’ll just wait until next weekend and that should put us back on the right schedule.  So YAY for small miracles!

I’m guessing I’ll probably spend a good portion of my day camped out on the sofa with the sweater.  Josh has already reminded me that I really need to rest today, so I won’t be doing any laundry or other chores, I’ll just take it easy.  But y’all know me, that is so much easier said than done.