I’m actually feeling better today than I have in a week, so I figured I’d go ahead and do this today.  So far I’ve finished all of the laundry, put fresh sheets on the bed, run a few errands, and made my own salt scrub.  If it turned out as good as I think it did I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

  1. Be able to put $25 into savings every month and leave it there.  Done.  I actually put an extra $100 from my state tax return into savings and I’m hoping to be able to leave it there.
  2. Get enrolled in the Technical Communication graduate certificate program.  Done.  I’ll enroll for my first class tomorrow morning.
  3. Only buy yarn when I have a project selected and ready to start.  Good so far.  I only got yarn that I needed, nothing extra.  And I stayed within my budget.
  4. Work on my book at least 2x per month.  I wrote on the other blog 5 times in February.  It’s not so much looking like a book right now, more like the entirely mental version of what I write here.  It still counts though.
  5. Take better care of myself by taking my vitamins more regularly and exercising more often.  The vitamin thing is pretty well a done deal.  I’m still trying to train Josh as to what vitamins to give me every night, but I always get at least some.  Not doing so good with exercising.  I just haven’t figured out where in the routine to add it in.
  6. Start working on christmas presents earlier in the year.  I have kind of started – I bought yarn for a present already and I have the pattern already picked out for it.
  7. Brush and floss my teeth every day.  I was doing GREAT with this until I got sick.  I’ll get back on the bandwagon tomorrow morning.