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Josh and I are already fighting about something that hasn’t even happened.

He keeps insisting that this weekend will be great and that we’ll all have a good time and that he’s my “team mate” so of course he’ll be helping me.


I’m leaving work at 3.  I’ll go home and vacuum, clean the bathroom, and start running the laundry.  I plan to have as much of that done by the time he gets home as possible.  Because of course he’s insisting on sex, again.  “Custody visits always go better if we’ve had sex first.”  Sure, just fuck me and shut up about it.

I supposed I really could leave some of the things for him to do when he gets home.  But, as I mentioned earlier, he wants to fuck and he wants to go out to eat tonight.  He won’t tell me what he wants to do with the rest of the weekend.  Trying to get the chores done when the brat is there is generally painful.  So what would happen is this – I’d leave things for him to do, he’ll put off doing them, Sunday when he takes her home I’d end up just doing them myself.  I know this because every time in the past I’ve had him “help” me, that’s what happens.  Thanks, I’ll just do it my damn self and be done with it.

Now, to his credit, he did start the load of towels for me this morning and he helped me make the bed.  Do I give him yet another chance to show me that he really is capable of helping me?

I’m torn, I really am.  It’s a lot easier to just do all of these things myself and keep quiet about it.  But it’s completely unfair to me.  He’s told me before that sometimes he has to be asked several times before he actually gets off his ass and does something – and that just pisses me off to no end.  I really don’t feel like I should have to ride his ass like he’s a goddamn kid.

There’s other things upsetting me right now as well.

Back before christmas he got a letter from the Iowa Department of Revenue.  He neglected to pay income tax over there for several years.  They’d like him to file and pay.  He STILL hasn’t done anything about it.

Today he got his 3rd paycheck from the new job and they still aren’t taking out his child support payments.  He STILL hasn’t done anything about this.  He also owes close to $5k in back child support and he’s doing nothing about taking care of that – he just lets them take his tax return money every year.  Those bastards charge interest on that shit and well over $1k of that is nothing but interest.  We have to file our taxes separately so that they don’t take my returns as well.

AND he still hasn’t said a single fucking thing about the painting he promised me for christmas.  The canvas is still sitting in the closet in it’s plastic wrapper.  I’ve put his slippers and mitten in a basket at the corner of my work counter and that is exactly where they’ll stay.

So really, this shit that’s coming up lately is just an accumulation of bullshit that’s been brewing quite literally for months now.  Why haven’t I divorced his sorry ass yet?  GOOD QUESTION.