We actually had a really good conversation at lunch.  I told him how much I appreciated him helping this morning and that if he really does want me to relax this weekend he needs to continue helping.  He agreed.  I also asked him why we needed to go out tonight.  He said he wanted me to have a night off from cooking.  So here’s the plan…

I’m leaving at 3 and going home to start laundry.  I’ll clean the bathroom.  When he gets home at 5 we’ll have sex and then he’ll go get Qdoba for dinner.  He’s going to vacuum our floor, clean the cat boxes, and tidy up his dresser.  Tomorrow morning we’ll run to the grocery and get the supplies for dinner.  I’ll go with him to get the brat so we can go straight to lunch and take her wherever he decides he wants to go.  I will continue running laundry as necessary.  Allegedly I’ll be getting some time to relax with them.  We’ll see.

Not sure I believe any of this right yet, but what have I got to lose?