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Wow, where to begin.  Friday…

I left work at 3 as planned and went home and got started on the chores.  I got laundry going and cleaned the bathroom.  I made my grocery list.  Josh got home and we tried something different for sexy time.  I had to tell him very specifically what to do, but it actually worked out very well.  A delightful time was had.  I put on pjs and he went and fetched dinner.  I did some more laundry.  He did his chores that evening.

Saturday morning I got up and worked on the sweater for a bit again.  He got up finally and we showered.  We headed to McDonald’s for breakfast and then over to the grocery store.  Quick trip back home to unload and then we were off to drop off his time sheet and pick up the brat.  Got her, had to meet her new pet lizard, and then came back to our house.  We ended up going to TGIFriday’s for lunch with Mom.  The food was awesome but the waiter was an utter douchetitanic.  He called the brat “Bud” like 3 times before we were able to correct him.  Needless to say he got a particularly shitty tip.

But seriously, the kid looks totally like a little boy.  Her haircut is utterly terrible and she had on a red hoodie.  I can totally see how he made the mistake.  Still incredibly not cool.

After lunch we split up at the mall and did some shopping.  Mom and I went looking for clothes and Josh and the brat went looking for a present for me.  I ended up getting a beautiful new dress.  The brat got me a 2 oz bag of some kind of hippie tea and some refills for my squirrel air freshener.

We went back to the grocery store to get my tiramisu for dessert and a few other supplies and then went back to the house.  Shortly before I was going to start dinner, Mom decided she need to go to Target.  We all ended up going and Josh bought the brat another fucking Monster High doll.  I swear to god that man thinks he can buy the brat’s love.  Anyway, we cruised around Target for awhile and finally went home for dinner.

After dinner we watched Rise of the Guardians.  I actually stayed awake for the entire movie.  Kind of cute, but not really worth the $20 I paid for it.  I finally went to bed sometime after 10.  I got up Sunday morning at 7 and started knitting again.  Josh didn’t get up until after 9.  He went and made cinnamon rolls for us.  The brat didn’t get up until breakfast was on the table.

We spent the entire day just hanging out.  I worked on my sweater and the brat tried making some felt outfits for her new doll.  She always expects me to be able to help her with that shit but I have zero experience making clothes for anyone, let alone a damn doll.  Anyway, she made a gigantic fucking mess all over the place.

Josh finally left to take her home around 3:30.  I finished the laundry and the last of the chores and then collapsed.  We had dinner and then snuggled for a little bit before he started watching tv.  I slept like the fucking dead.

I got up around 4:45 this morning, smoked, and started in on the sweater again.  I separated the sleeves this morning and got a total of 4 more rows done.  It’s coming along great.  I’ll try to take a picture tonight if I get a chance.

All in all it was a pretty decent weekend.  He helped like he said he would, the brat was about as well behaved as she ever is, and things went fairly smoothly.  Can’t say I’m looking forward to next weekend as it’s easter and so Sunday is just shot with having to spend time with the brat and Josh’s family.  I’m just hoping I can get some stuff done on Saturday and be able to relax a little.

The mood isn’t too bad right now.  I’m just trying to get Josh to understand that I’m really just too fucking busy to play his games this morning.  I’ve got a ton of stuff that really needed to get done last week but I was too busy being mental because of him to do any of it.  I’m ignoring him right now, which is fine because it seems like he’s ignoring me as well.  It’s all good.