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WOW.  Just…  WOW.

I asked Josh what he put in his coffee this morning because it was like I woke up to a whole new man.  Let me go back to the beginning…

Last night I got home from work and took care of the chores.  When Josh got there he had brought me a bottle of tea.  We talked, grumbled at each other for a few minutes, and then essentially got things straight.  I told him I would like a little more romance in my life – and then I pointed out some of the wonderful little things he sometimes does that I see as romantic.  He didn’t realize those things were romantic.  I also told him that every time he’s really good to me he raises the bar for himself – I like what I’ve gotten and then I’d like a little more.  I then reminded him that sometimes all it takes is a few sweet words to straighten me out.

He agreed that he’d keep working on this and I agreed that I’ll keep doing things for him.  He told me he was going to try to get done with class early so that he could be home in time to put me to bed.  We parted peacefully and I went about my evening.  My evening ended up consisting of cooking dinner for Mom and I and then parking on the sofa to watch a marathon of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.  Love that Guy Fieri.

At 8 something he sent a text saying he was done and on the way home.  I went and finished the last few bits that needed to be done and got into bed.  He came home and we talked for a few minutes, he showed me a weird shaped chunk of metal he’d cut out using some kind of machine, and he tucked me in.  Pleasant and peaceful.

This morning I was having no part of getting up.  I finally made it around 5.  I smoked and worked 2 rows on the sweater before I started waking him up.  He actually got up really easy today.  We had time for him to make a cup of coffee and smoke with me before our shower.  The shower was nice, nicer than usual I’d say.  When we were getting done I asked him if we should have a sexy date tonight and he said yes.  Nothing else was said, but that’s normal.  We got dressed and headed out.  He complimented me on my shirt and earrings.

When he got to work and started texting me the most amazing thing happened – he was FLIRTING.  He said many truly sexy and lovely things to me that just amazed me.  Seriously, who are you and why are you using my husband’s phone?  It was wonderful.

So, as of right now, I’m really looking forward to talking to him on breaks today and rushing home to see him.  I’m horny, can you believe it?  Less than 15 minutes worth of sweet and naughty texts and I’m ready to go.


All of the bullshit I’ve been putting up with is FINALLY starting to pay off.  The days of crying, the mornings of frustration, the weekends spent wishing I was anywhere but with him – all hopefully distant memories now.  If he can keep this up on any kind of semi-regular basis my life will be much improved.

This is the first time in I can’t even remember how long that I’m actually 100% looking forward to getting naked with him.  And if he flirts like this all day I will be hard pressed not to attack him the very minute he walks through the door.  Oh sweet ceiling cat, say it will be worth the wait…