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*****Trigger Warning – I’m maybe going to talk a little more openly about what happened in the bedroom last night.  I’ll try not to go into utterly disgusting detail, but you may feel a little attack of TFMI.  Mom – don’t read this one.*****

I got home and did the chores as usual.  I actually ended up leaving work a few minutes after I posted because I was done testing and entirely burnt.  I wanted a little time before I had to face Josh.  So I went and did my stuff and then sat down to read for a little while.  I don’t often read, but it definitely relaxes me and that’s what I really needed right then.

Josh came home and we started in at each other, as per usual.  We fought for a few minutes and then I kind of let loose on him.  I told him in gory detail all of the shit that’s been going on at work and how frustrated I am that he doesn’t seem to really be interested in taking care of my needs.  I also told him I didn’t appreciate how he had been so utterly awesome in the morning and then a complete shit in the afternoon.  He just listened and finally said he was sorry.

Then he got up and undressed me.  This is maybe the 3rd time he’s ever done that and the very first where he’s done it without being asked.  He didn’t do a rush job either – he took his time and gave little kisses on the skin he’d just exposed.  Then we stood there kind of hugging kind of touching kind of kissing for a few minutes.  Very little was said, it all just kind of happened.  We did one of the things we generally do to get us both in the mood – touching each other intimately while trying to give me an orgasm.  After I had one he took over and proceeded to give me several more, kind of forcefully – appropriately forceful.  He’s never been an aggressive lover and I’ve often wished he was just a little more so.  Yesterday it was raw and passionate and incredibly intense.

After probably another 5 minutes of that we finally made love.  HOLY FUCKING FLYING SQUIRRELS – words just can’t even describe it.  He pulled out moves I haven’t seen in well over a year.  I made noises I didn’t think could come out of a human mouth.  I felt things I haven’t felt probably ever.  It was literally the very best sex of my entire life.

The rest of the evening was lovely and quiet.  We cooked dinner together, I made milk shakes, we watched a little NCIS with Mom, and then we went to lay down.  We talked a little more, snuggled a little, and I finally fell asleep around 10.  I just didn’t want it to end.

This morning I was really having no part of waking up.  Mom finally had to come down and get me at 5:30.  We both got up, made him a cup of coffee, and smoked.  When we went up to the shower…  Wow.  He started touching me again, very gently and very lovingly.  I absolutely love being hugged from behind, particularly while naked.  The entire morning experience has been wonderful.  He flirted some more when he got to work even.  *sigh*

So now, hopefully, I’m primed to have a super productive day.  I need to clear out my inbox, finish organizing my notes from yesterday, and get to work on the presentation for 4/19.  I really want to have that wrapped up before I leave for the day tomorrow.  I’ve already arranged with my boss to have Friday off so that I can have another play date with my nieces.  I also have an appointment with shrinky-poo Friday afternoon which I’m hoping goes well.