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Thanks to those of you who did the poll.  Looks like we’re split evenly – half of you sometimes miss a dose on accident and half of you routinely purposely skip doses.  Fair enough.

I myself fall into the “might accidentally miss them once in a while” category.  I have only once purposely gone off my meds and it was a total disaster.  Never again.

But why do some of us purposely skip them?

I can only speak for myself here, kids.  When I went off them I wanted to see what would happen.  Things had been going fairly well for awhile and I wanted to see if I could manage without them.  Nope.  So right back on I went.  I know precisely what happens now and I’d rather never have to deal with that again.

I got several comments from folks and it seems like others will skip doses because if they routinely take their meds they can’t function as they would like to.  My only suggestion for that is to try being 100% honest with your psych doc and tell her how the meds are making you feel.  Maybe there’s a different cocktail you can take that will make you feel better.  If you aren’t honest with your doc she really can’t help you.  Try it – it just might work.

I’m not quite as scared this morning as I was Friday afternoon.  If I’m to be perfectly honest, I’ve known this was coming.  It’s a rare thing indeed for someone with bipolar to stay on the same cocktail indefinitely.  Our body chemistry changes, situations change, the practice of psychiatry changes – and all of those changes necessitate changes in our meds.  So I’m trying to roll with it.

It’s been a very productive weekend so far.  I’ve got all of the errands run, the chores are just about finished, I’ve spent some time with the sweater, and I’ve spent a ton of time in the kitchen.  I made my sausage, energy bites, chicken salad dip, a raspberry cheesecake, and I tried a recipe for energy bars.  Still working the kinks out of that one but the first batch was tasty.  This morning before we head out I’m going to try to make banana chips.  I’m trying to get Josh and I to start eating healthier and making my own food is one of the best ways I know of to do that.  I’m not putting us on a diet, but I know that we both need to be getting more fruits, veggies, and whole grains in our diets.  The better we eat the better we’ll feel.

The mood is respectable right now.  I’m starting to sleep a little less since I’m on less Geodon, but it isn’t bothering me yet.  Right now I feel pretty good.  I’m just hoping things go well at Josh’s dad’s house today and that I don’t come home feeling all strung out.  I’m seriously thinking about taking the sweater with me so that I can work on it while everyone is talking.

Have a lovely day kids.