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Life is always interesting around here.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a boring day…

Josh found out yesterday afternoon that he has to work Saturday until 3:30.  We’re supposed to pick the brat up at 11.  I told him there is no way in hell I’m spending all that time alone with her.  So I sent the ex an email and told her I’ll pick the brat up at 2.  I figure that’s just enough time to go shopping for his birthday gift before he gets off work.  Of course I still haven’t heard anything back yet, but that’s typical.

Next Thursday is Josh’s 40th birthday and our second anniversary.  I was going to make this colossal big deal about his birthday, but I’m thinking now maybe not.  I got him a new hat yesterday that he’s been talking about.  Not sure what else I’ll get him.  I’m going to look for a special t-shirt he wants this weekend, but I think that’ll be what the brat gets him.  I haven’t figured out a real plan yet.  I’ve asked him to take next Friday off work so we can have a 3-day weekend together before he starts being in school 4 nights a week.  We’ll see how that goes I guess.

The sweater is just about done.  I bound off the body yesterday at lunch.  Today at lunch I hope to be able to start the first sleeve.  This shouldn’t take long as I’m not planning to make the sleeves very long – just enough to cover the tattoos on my upper arms.  For some reason I really don’t like those to be showing while I’m at work.  It’s looking great.  The colors turned out just amazing.  I’m hoping to be able to block it this weekend so I can wear it to work on Monday.  I’ll get plenty of pictures.

Work is going reasonably well.  This afternoon and tomorrow I’ll be over in the other office, which is not my favorite.  I prefer to work here where I have my stuff set up just the way I like it and I have access to my full stash of snacks.  I really just don’t like anything that fucks with my routines.  Anyway, I’m pretty well set for the presentation on the 19th and I’m trying to wrap up my stuff for the one on the 26th.  There’s a fuck-ton of stuff to be done and I’m trying to stay as productive as possible while I’m here.

I’ve been doing really well at home lately, too.  I’ve walked on the treadmill at least 25 minutes the last three nights.  It really does make me feel better and I’m pretty sure it’s been helping with the sleep.  I still don’t really want to get up in the morning, but it hasn’t been terrible yet.  I ended up running late this morning because Josh didn’t want to get up, but I was still on time for work.  It just cuts into my morning knitting time and that kind of sucks.

Something else that sucks is my brain.  I know it’s from tapering off the Geodon, but that doesn’t make it any easier to live with.  Every now and then I’ll get struck with this feeling like the squirrels have gotten in and rearranged all of my nuts – it’s frustrating.  When it happens I just have to sit still with my eyes closed and take a few deep breaths.  That usually works to reboot my brain and then I’m ok again for awhile.  I’m just really hoping when I go back to see shrinky-poo on the 16th that she has some viable options for me.  I don’t want to have to lose a lot of ground and have to rebuild the life I’ve been making for myself these last few months.

The moods lately haven’t been getting too bad or lasting too long.  I still get frustrated, fairly easily, but I seem to be getting better at working through the issues faster and with less collateral damage.  Josh and I still fight now and then, but we seem to work it all out quicker and easier.  We’re at it again this morning actually.  He wants sex, I’m not interested, but as usual I’ll give in.  That’s just how it works.  So much easier to just give in from the very start and not let it escalate.