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The presentation has been recorded!  I’m waiting for some folks to give me the go ahead to post it.  So far I’ve gotten one comment and I’m ignoring it.

I got some other good stuff done this morning as well and I feel pretty alright about where I’m at.  I’m thinking this afternoon I’ll spend some time with the new class and see if I can make some progress.  If it doesn’t come, there are plenty of other things to occupy myself with.

I’m going to make you kids an offer, one I hope you’ll take me up on.

We all need friends and we all need support.  Sometimes all we really need is a listening ear to vent a little to.  I reached out to a friend this morning.  I’m happy to do that for any of you.  Please, should you ever need someone, know that Mama is here.  Leave me a comment and I’ll email you directly.  I know y’all would do the same for me.  We’ll get through the rough times together.