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Morning kids, let’s get to it…

Yesterday turned out to be a fairly reasonable day.  I got a little frustrated with work and took it out on Josh for a few minutes, but it didn’t get too terrible.  We got everything straight and by the time he got home from work we were able to have a nice conversation and share a snack together.  He ended up getting done with class around 8 and was home in time to put me to bed.  That was quite nice.

Work is still kind of stressful, though getting better.  I’ve got most of the critical stuff done and out of the way and I’m moving on to things I need for the summer.  The last time sensitive thing I need to do is record a presentation for posting later this month.  I’m going to try to work on that this morning.  Then it’s time to see if I can get a new class put together.  I’m going to teach how to create infographics using PowerPoint.  Should be interesting.

I called shrinky-poo yesterday because the quality of my sleep is starting to suffer.  She suggested cutting off the caffeine even earlier in the day and then taking my Melatonin at 7 instead of 8.  I tried that last night and was asleep probably by 9, which was reasonable.  I’m just really hoping that she’s got some better answers for me next Tuesday.  This shit is getting tedious.

In other respects I feel pretty good.  Things are progressing at work, Josh and I are getting along most of the time, I got both of us registered for classes yesterday, and I’m staying on top of things at home.  I had to get him in summer classes and me in one for the fall semester.  I think he’s pissed though – I didn’t realize summer registration had already opened for him and by the time yesterday came all of the welding classes were completely full.  So I checked his catalog and found 2 other classes he needs for his degree and got him signed up for those.  It’s not really my responsibility to have to do this bullshit, so I don’t feel bad about it at all.

The crochet project is coming along nicely.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, but it’s coming back.  Filet crochet is just a method of making pictures with blocks of stitches.  It’s kind of like cross stitch but with crochet.  It’s actually really easy once you learn how to read the charts and you can do amazing things with it.  You almost always use thread and steel hooks for this – it’s kind of tiny.  I’m using size 10 thread – think kite string – and a size 7 hook.  Like I said – tiny.  But it should be beautiful once it’s finished and blocked.  I’ll try to take a picture soon now that it’s starting to look like something.  I went and left it at home today by mistake so I probably won’t get back to it until this evening while Josh is doing homework.

The moods seem to be fairly reasonable most of the time.  I seem to get frustrated super easy right now, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  I am able to work through my issues fairly easily right now which is a very good thing.  I’m really looking forward to my long weekend to get some time to really relax.  Mom and I are going for pedicures Friday morning which should be awesome.  I need to start working on my to do list for this weekend – there’s a ton of stuff I’d like to get done.