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So I think I’ve mentioned that I’m walking at least a mile every evening to help with my sleep and that I’m trying to eat better food to make myself feel better.  Less chocolate, not so many fried things, more fruits and veggies, lean proteins – good stuff.  My body feels pretty terrific, I must say.  Just for giggles I decided to weigh myself on Saturday to get a baseline.  I should mention that I generally hate scales.  I know what I’m worth as a person and it has nothing to do with my mass.  I’ve been essentially the same size since I was 19 years old – I’ve very comfortable with this ass.  But this morning I thought to myself, “what the hell, let’s see if anything has happened.”  So I got back on the scale.

I’m down a pound and a half in 4 days.

And it really sort of disgusts me that I’m so pleased by this.  I really do like my body and I’m not out to radically change it.  I well and truly set out on this journey to get healthier and feel better – period.  But hey, what woman doesn’t like the prospect of buying smaller pants?

So, for the sake of posterity, I’m going to try to document my progress.  Perhaps I can help provide a little hope for others who are struggling to get healthy.

When I started on Saturday I checked in at 257lbs.  Today I’m down to 255.5lbs.  I’m not planning to weigh every day like my Mom does, probably more like once a week.  And please, don’t expect any spandex-laden full body progress shots.  Just when it seems appropriate I’ll pop in with how I’m doing.  And when I come across good recipes, I’ll make sure to share them.

This is NOT about body image.  I’m quite pleased with my rolls, thanks very much.  It’s about getting healthy and living a long life.  I’ve got far too many things to get done yet to check out at an early age.  And I’d really prefer to feel good in my own skin for a very long time.  There will be no radical changes in diet or activity – no boot camps or sweating until I pass out.  No starving myself or only eating broccoli for a week.  This is about lifestyle modifications that will make me feel better as a whole person.  If I’m not completely happy the entire time I do this, it just won’t happen – I know me.  But I also know that the little easy things will add up to a big difference.

It’s all about the quality of life, and I intend to get 5 star performance out of my body.