Wow, what a day…

It feels like it’s been non-stop stuff since I got here.  I’ve been bouncing around between buildings, going to meetings, helping people with web pages, and trying to get ready for my class and presentation tomorrow.  I’m just a wee bit exhausted.

The funny thing – both people who needed web page help had caused their problems themselves.  Both involved incorrect links that contained a single “bad” character.  I fixed both problems, told them not to feel bad, and went on my way.  I knew that they’d both be PEBKAC errors.  (problem exists between keyboard and chair)

Tomorrow looks to be another whirlwind day.  I teach a screen capture class from 9 – 11 and then I’m giving a presentation on social media in the classroom from 12 – 1.  I should be good and tired by then.  Seeing as I might not have time for a full post in the morning, I’ve lined something else up for you.  I’ll post it first thing.

Have a good evening kids!